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Diagnostic Review, Clean-Up, New Company Set-Up, QB Desktop Conversion to QB Online, Full Service Bookkeeping, Basic Bookkeeping, Coach Me Bookkeeping, and Stand Alone Payroll Services available. Examples are shown below or find more on Facebook

First: Choose Your Starting Point

Cleanup  -$300 and up depending on complexity

All new accounts are subject to a cleanup period before moving on to monthly bookkeeping. 

Cleanup means that I will...      

  • Reconcile your books to your last tax return
  • Review and adjust your chart of accounts
  • Clear undeposited funds
  • Clear unreconciled transactions
  • Verify year end balances agree with balance sheet for loans
  • Verify proper recording of interest and depreciation
  •  Review A/R and A/P for unpaid balances and credits
  • Write off uncollectable accounts
  • Review year end adjustments
  • Update your asset list
  • Verify assets over $2500 are treated properly
  • Update inventory records 
  • Review Profit and Loss statement for accuracy and make adjustments
  • Review Balance Sheet for accuracy and make adjustments
  • Review company accounting processes for efficiency and correct recording practices
  • Close the books on that period

New Business Setup  -$300 and up depending on complexity

New Businesses started in 2020 tax year start date or later with no prior tax return or bookkeeping will need to be set up in QBO before moving on to monthly bookkeeping. 

This also refers to Established Businesses using other than QuickBooks. 

Gather all relevant documents and upload. I'll do the rest.

  • Company name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Business structure (DBA, C corp, S corp, etc) and Tax ID
  • Cash basis or Accrual based accounting
  • Bank account numbers and statements, online bank account information for importing transactions 
  • Credit card account numbers and statements
  • All previous tax forms (Federal, State, Local, Sales taxes, Payroll taxes)
  • All tax account numbers
  • State and local tax %s and taxing entity name for payments.
  • Chart of account names they use for income, other assets, expenses, equity including owner's.
  • Logo's for company and if they want on their invoices and statements
  • Payment terms for customers
  • Existing customers names, address, phone numbers, emails.
  • Existing vendors and all contact info and available payment terms.
  • Information they want on their invoices to customers.
  • All business locations and if they bill differently such as another state with different sales taxes and taxing entities.

Next: Choose a Package

Full Service Bookkeeping - $450 and up monthly

This package is for you if you say... "I have no payroll (or is handled by a service) and my business is doing well. I don't have time to deal with the bookkeeping myself, or train someone in house, but I don't want to fall behind and I'm tired of surprises at the end of the year."

Basic Bookkeeping  -$300 and up monthly

This package is for you if you say... "I need a budget friendly solution for my simple small business. I don't have payroll (or my payroll is handled by a service) and I need to be free to run my business while leaving the books to a professional."  

Coach Me Bookkeeping Package  -$250 and up monthly

This is the package for you if you  say...  "I am very computer literate, and software savvy. I'm familiar with debits and credits and I know how I want to handle my business.  I don't have payroll (or I use a payroll service) I can handle all the data-entry, I just need a little support to make sure I don't make any mistakes." 


Payroll Services are available 

as a standalone service that can be added to any package. 

Prices start at $125 for a basic one to four employee package (including owner payroll)  and go up based on the number of employees and benefits provided. 

Should you decide to have I'm the Bookkeeper handle your payroll for you as a stand alone service, you should feel confident to know that I have partnered with Gusto Payroll.  

US News has rated Gusto a 4.3 in their Best Payroll Software of 2022 list and report that "more than 100,000 businesses across the country use Gusto to run payroll and administer benefits". 

Yes! With Gusto we can offer your employees benefits; with the current state of the country and difficulty retaining good employees - this is a valuable resource! 

If you would rather administer your own payroll and are currently shopping or considering a change, I recommend Gusto. Check it out and sign up using my link if you want to manage your own payroll account and you'll automatically be added to my client list. 


Even if you decide not to retain my services for your payroll, I still recommend Gusto, and if you sign up using THIS DIFFERENT LINK and run your first paid payroll, you’ll receive a $100 Visa gift card! 



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  • You will receive an email requesting that you reserve an appointment to consult with me by telephone and/or zoom. 

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